Expanding Fruit Fusion
with a few 😀 NOT fruit sets 🤟 🥃

Better text encoder coming up in next ver


— with love idle | Latex.ID

The model trained on XpucT Deliberate 2
respect 🤟 🥃

Example Prompts

a sprinkled donut sitting on top of a table, hyper realistic digital painting, colorful hyperrealism, amazing food illustration, blender donut, amazing food photography, hyper realistic oil painting, hyper realistic color photo, ultrarealistic oil painting, realistic colorful photography, hyper – realistic oil painting, hyper-realistic oil painting, beautiful 3d render, hyperrealistic digital painting

a shiny purple and gold apple with a leaf, golden apple, gold and purple, made of liquid purple metal, purple, apple, rich iridescent specular colors, background of poison apples, wall ], an apple, purple liquid, behance. polished, night time raid, defence, gold noble, golden jewelery, purple and gold color scheme

a group of chocolate covered cherries sitting on top of a table, cherries, gold and purple, gems and diamond for fruit, golden apple, berries dripping juice, fantasy food world, beautiful deep colours, warm shiny colors, berries dripping, there is one cherry, chocolate art, cherry, stuning fantasy 3 d render, rich deep colours, cherry explosion, shiny gold background

a close up of a cactus in a pot, uv, cacti, cactus, peyote cactus desert, patchy cactus, peyote colors, robotic cactus design, psychedelic lighting, psychedelic black light, neon glow concept art, glowing plants, neon coloring, bioluminescent plants, psychedelic light show, psychedelic photoluminescent, colorful neon lighting

a red apple sitting inside of a glass ball, fairy fruit. octane render, rolands zilvinskis 3d render art, golden apple, trend on behance 3d art, trend on behance 3 d art, 3d advanced digital art, surrealistic digital artwork, cgsociety 9, highly detailed digital painting, apple tree, background of poison apples

a close up of a colorful liquid painting, swirling paint colors, colorful swirls of paint, swirling paint, vibrant & colorful background, pure color background, abstract colours, abstract colors, amazing colorful background, amazing splashscreen artwork, smooth digital artwork, dynamic colorful background, vibrant colourful background, colorful paint, beautiful brush stroke rendering, stylishly designed background

two red cherries with pink flowers in them, cherry explosion, cherries, cherry, there is one cherry, cherry blosom trees, cherry blossums, cherry trees, beautiful fantasy painting, beautiful art uhd 4 k, very beautiful digital art, fantasty art, stunning detailed picture, beautiful gorgeous digital art, very beautiful fantasy art, beautiful digital artwork

a painting of a woman with colorful hair, canvas art print, canvas print, canvas art, soft airbrushed artwork, big canvas art, art print, society 6, trending on artistation, on canvas, trending on artstartion, female art, trending on society6, poster colour on canvas, painting on canvas, canvas painting, airbrush on canvas

a close up of a colorful bird on a black background, highly intricate and colorful, colourful!! highly detailed, colorful birds, colorful intricate masterpiece, very detailed and colorful, peacock, peacock colors, intricate colorful masterpiece, colorful plumage, beautiful art uhd 4 k, colorful image, beautiful color art!, colorful feathers, colorful bird with a long

a picture of a bunch of different colored balls, fractal algorightmic art, abstract art representing data, highly detailed 3d fractal, bubbling liquids, highly detailed generative art, fluid simulation in houdini, colorful hyperbolic background, ethereal rainbow bubbles, colorful generative art, rainbow bubbles, math art, 2 d depth map, many rainbow bubbles

a large multicolored building with many windows, colorful building, colorful architecture, colorful architectural drawing, colorful buildings, bright saturated colors, brightly colored buildings, cmyk color scheme, vibrantly colorful, cool tone pastel rainbow colors, vibrantly colored, rainbow drip paint, colored vibrantly, vibrant high contrast coloring, vibrant deep saturated colors, rainbow melting color scheme

a close up of a person’s eye, trending digital fantasy art, iris human’s eye photo, detailed fantasy digital art, realistic digital art 4 k, realistic digital art 4k, digital fantasy art ), 4k highly detailed digital art, behance. high detail, fantasy art behance, digital art fantasy art, highly detailed digital painting

a large group of flamingos standing in a body of water, colorful birds, ( colorful ), colorful crowd, an orgy of colorful, flamingoes, flamingos, beautiful spectrum of vibrancy, full colour spectrum, colorful caparisons, colourfull, colorful chromatic abberation, splashes of colors, splashes of color, colorfull, extremely colorful

a close up of a person’s lips with two cherries, app icon, ios app icon, dating app icon, 3 d icon for mobile game, corporate phone app icon, game icon, game icon asset, game icon stylized, epic legends game icon, mobile game art, there is one cherry, behance. polished, digital airbrush painting, cherries

a computer generated image of a colorful flower, psychedelic fractal pattern, psychodelic colors, psychedelic patterns, bright psychedelic colors, psychedelic effects, flat surreal psychedelic colors, psychedelic experience, psychedelic fractal art, vivid psychedelic colors, bright psychedelic color, kaleidoscopic colors, psychedelic colors, a psychedelic experience, psychedelic vibrant colors, colorful hyperbolic background, extremely psychedelic experience, abstract psychedelic

a bunch of snow globes sitting on top of a table, cgsociety 9, by Mike Winkelmann, mind-bending digital art, intricate ornate anime cgi style, by Chris LaBrooy, abstract 3 d artwork, 3d digital art 4k, fractals background, 8k stunning artwork, 3d fractal background, abstract fractal art

a pink apple with a flower inside of it, depicting a flower, in a short round glass vase, transparent glass vase, cute! c4d, beautiful 3d render, beautiful 3 d rendering, beautiful gorgeous digital art, apple blossoms, exquisite digital art, very beautiful digital art, 3d graphics, 3 d graphics, glass flowers, made of fruit and flowers

a red apple with a green leaf sticking out of it, cute! c4d, cute 3 d render, animation illustrative style, trend on behance 3 d art, trend on behance 3d art, 3 d animation, 3d animation, pixar 3 d animation style, petros afshar speedart, disney pixar 3d style, 3 d epic illustrations

a couple of birds that are sitting on top of each other, by Lisa Frank, lisa frank style, psychedelic art style, hyperbeast design, amazing wallpaper, in a lisa frank art style, very very beautiful furry art, 4k highly detailed digital art, warrior cats, highly detailed digital art, colourful!! highly detailed, psychedelic art, 8k stunning artwork

a green apple sitting on top of a table, green apples, golden apple, cloisonne, apple, behance. polished, cloisonnism, dark green glass, realistic glass sculpture, apple logo, glass cover, candy apple, an apple, red apple, apple design, a green, still life of an apple, greed, green, metalic green

a bunch of different colored balls on top of each other, raytracing : :, highly detailed generative art, fluid simulation in houdini, soft geometric 3d shapes, ultra-huhd-3d-macro-rendered, houdini sidefx, floating spheres and shapes, highly detailed 3d fractal, fractal algorightmic art, glass spheres on a red cube

a glass apple sitting on top of a snow covered ground, cgsociety 9, behance. polished, fairy fruit. octane render, golden apple, background of poison apples, 8 k realistic digital art, stuning fantasy 3 d render, exquisite digital illustration, trend on behance 3 d art, trend on behance 3d art, an apple

a heart shaped cake sitting on top of a table, magic heart, beautiful digital artwork, heart effects, romanticism artwork, inspiring digital art, exquisite digital illustration, human heart, real heart, exquisite digital art, several hearts, stunning digital art, flaming heart, gorgeous digital art, heart, very beautiful fantasy art, romanticism art style, vibrant digital art

a close up of a colorful rose on a black background, rose background, translucent roses ornate, roses background, photo of a rose, decorative roses, rose, solid color background intricate, vividly beautiful colors, rich flower colors, colorful image, beautiful flower, pink rose, depicting a flower, rosses, beautiful art uhd 4 k, floral flowers colorful

a bunch of different colored objects sitting on top of each other, abstract 3 d artwork, petros afshar speedart, motion shapes color design, abstract geometric art, colorful flat surreal design, 3d geometric abstract art, abstract colors, colourful flat surreal design, artstation geometric, abstract colours, dynamic colorful background, solid color background intricate, solid coloured shapes

a close up of a flower with water droplets on it, dark flower pattern wallpaper, beautiful art uhd 4 k, beautiful composition 3 – d 4 k, magical colorful flowers, beautiful flower, rich flower colors, reflecting flower, flowery wallpaper, flowers background, flower background, depicting a flower, amazing splashscreen artwork, vividly beautiful colors, beautiful macro photography

a glass apple sitting on top of a reflective surface, golden apple, made of multicolored crystals, realistic glass sculpture, gems and diamond for fruit, colorful glass art, colorful refractive adornments, glass sculpture, murano glass sculpture, holographic design, refractive adornments, bedazzled fruit costumes, apple, an apple, by Jeff Koons

a group of planets floating in the sky, space clouds, space art concept, planets on the background, space art, nebulae background, space backround, nebulae. volumetric lighting, cgsociety 9, planets in the skies, cgsociety saturated colors, cosmic and colorful, colorful nebula background, cosmic night background, colorful nebula

a couple of doughnuts and a drink on a table, amazing food illustration, smooth 3 d illustration, smooth 3d illustration, 3d grainy aesthetic illustration, 3 d epic illustrations, 3d illustration, 3 d illustration, ultra realistic 3d illustration, highly detailed 3 d art, exquisite digital illustration, super detailed color graphics, hyperrealistic 3 d digital art

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